Bathing and sauna arrangement of the Paracelsus Therme Bad Liebenzell with sauna landscape Pinea

A1 house and bathing rules

§1 Purpose of the house and bathing rules

The house and bathing rules serve to ensure safety, order and cleanliness in the entire area of the Paracelsus Therme and Sauna Pinea

§2 Binding nature of the house and bathing rules

The house and bathing rules as well as all other regulations are binding for the users. The legal regulations apply to the inclusion in the contract concluded at the checkout. The pool’s staff or other representatives exercise housekeeping rights. Instructions from staff or other representatives must be followed. Users who violate the house and bathing rules can be expelled from the house. In such cases, the entry fee paid will not be refunded. The user of the pool expressly reserves the right to provide proof. that in this case the pool operator is entitled to no remuneration or a significantly lower remuneration than the full entry fee. In addition, a ban on entering the premises can be issued by the company/operations management or their representatives. The marked and designated areas of the company are under video surveillance for security reasons. The requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act, in particular Section 4, are adhered to. Stored data will be deleted immediately if it is no longer required or if the legitimate interests of those affected conflict with further storage. The house and bathing rules apply to general bathing operations. For special events or use by certain groups of people (e.g. school and club swimming), exceptions can be permitted without the house and swimming rules having to be lifted. Political actions, events, demonstrations, the distribution of printed materials, the posting of posters or notices, collection of signature lists and the use of the pool for commercial or other non-bathroom purposes are only permitted with the approval of the operator.

§3 Opening times, prices

The opening times and the valid price list are announced on a notice board or can be viewed at the checkout. The bathing or sauna area must be left 15 minutes before the end of opening hours. Special access requirements and opening times can be set for school and club swimming as well as for courses and events for certain groups of people. If the use of individual offers or individual parts of the business is restricted or if the pool is closed during ongoing operations, there is no entitlement to a reduction or refund. Purchased tickets or other access authorizations will not be refunded. The access authorization (coin) received at the checkout or the receipt issued when purchasing the access authorization must be kept until you leave the pool.

§4 Access

In principle, everyone is free to visit the company; Restrictions can be regulated for certain cases. Every user must have a valid access authorization (coin) for the respective area of use. When entering the usage area, passing on the access authorization (coin) is not permitted. The bather must bring his coin and the following items provided by the bath operator Locker key Rental items (bathrobe, towel, etc.) store it in such a way that loss is avoided. In particular, he has these on his body, e.g. B. Bracelet, to be worn, to be kept with you when using the bathroom and not to be left unattended. Failure to comply with these requirements will constitute culpable behavior on the part of the bather in the event of a loss. In the event of a dispute, it is the bather’s responsibility to provide proof of compliance with the aforementioned proper storage. 4. Children aged 6 to 16 must be accompanied by a suitable adult. Further regulations and age restrictions (e.g. sauna facilities, wellness areas) are possible. The accompanying persons must supervise the children throughout the entire stay. Children under 5 years of age are only allowed to use the thermal baths for exercise therapy if prescribed by a doctor. 5. People who cannot move around safely without assistance are only permitted to use the pools with a suitable accompanying person. 6. Access is, among other things, Persons not permitted: who are under the influence of intoxicating substances, carry the animals with them, who suffer from a reportable communicable disease (in case of doubt, a doctor’s certificate may be required) or open wounds.

§5 Rules of conduct

Users must refrain from anything that is contrary to good morals and the maintenance of security, peace and order. The pool facilities, including rental items, must be treated with care. In the event of improper use or damage, the user is liable for the resulting damage. For culpable contamination that goes beyond the extent of intended use, a special cleaning fee can be charged, the amount of which is determined in each individual case depending on the effort. Different regulations regarding clothing apply in individual bathroom areas. Barefoot areas may not be entered with street shoes. Any aids brought along, such as wheelchairs or walkers as well as rolling suitcases, must be cleaned by the user or their accompanying person before entering the barefoot area. Users are not permitted to use musical instruments, sound or image reproduction devices or other media if this causes harassment to other users. Taking photographs or filming of strangers and groups without their consent is not permitted. For commercial purposes and for the press, photography and filming require the prior approval of the company/operations management. Before using the pools, you must cleanse your body. Shaving, cutting nails, coloring hair, etc. are not permitted. Every user must prepare for the dangers typical in a swimming pool by taking increased caution, e.g. wet or soapy floor surfaces. Non-slip bathing shoes are required. The use of sports and play equipment is not permitted. Swimming aids are only permitted with the consent of the supervisory staff. Food and drinks may only be brought for your own consumption and may only be consumed in the designated areas. Bringing alcoholic drinks is prohibited. In the catering industry, food and drinks brought with you may only be consumed at the “self-catering tables”. Fragile containers (e.g. containers made of glass or porcelain) are not allowed. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. This also applies to electronic cigarettes and shishas. Lost property must be handed over to the staff and will be treated in accordance with legal regulations. Cloakroom lockers and/or valuables lockers are only available to the user for use while their access authorization is valid. There is no right to use it. After closing time, all lockers and valuables lockers that are still locked will be opened and cleared if necessary. The contents will be treated as lost property. Loungers and chairs may not be permanently occupied with towels, bags or other objects. Items left on the loungers and chairs will be cleared away by staff if necessary. All sitting, lying and resting areas may only be used with a dry bath towel and/or bathrobe.

§6 Liability

The operator is generally not liable for any damage caused to users. This does not apply to liability due to a breach of an essential contractual obligation and to liability for damage to the user resulting from injury to life, body or health, nor to damage suffered by the user due to an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the operator or its statutory obligations representatives or vicarious agents. Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment enables the proper execution of the contract and on whose compliance the user can regularly rely. The operator’s essential contractual obligations include, but are not limited to, the use of the bathing facility, unless it is partially closed for compelling operational reasons, as well as participation in the events offered and included in the admission price. The limitation of liability in accordance with paragraph 1 sentences 1 and 2 also applies to vehicles parked in the swimming pool parking spaces. The user is expressly advised not to take any valuables into the bathroom. The operator is not responsible for any surveillance or duty of care for valuables that are brought along. The operator is only liable for the loss of valuables, cash and clothing in accordance with legal regulations. This also applies if the items are damaged by third parties. Bringing money or valuables into a locker and/or a safe deposit box provided by the operator does not constitute any obligations on the part of the operator with regard to the items brought in. In particular, no custody obligations are created. When using a locker and/or a valuables box, it is the sole responsibility of the user to lock them properly, to check that the respective device is securely locked and to store the keys/data storage media carefully. If the items provided by the pool operator in accordance with Section 4 (3) are culpably lost, the following flat-rate amounts will be charged: Coin €5.00 Bathrobe €40.00 Towel €20.00 Locker key €20.00 The user is expressly permitted to prove that no damage occurred at all or that it was significantly lower than the flat rate amount. If the aforementioned items are found and the user has left his contact details with the pool operator, the pool operator will contact him and offer a refund of the flat rate paid. About losing the coin: The receipt issued when purchasing the coin must be kept until you leave the pool. If the coin is lost, this receipt makes it possible to determine what amount was charged to the coin because the user used the coin to buy food and drinks in the bathroom, for example. The user must pay this amount plus the aforementioned €5.00 for the loss of the coin. If the amount charged cannot be determined due to the loss of the coin and also the receipt, the user must pay €25.00. 6. The operator is prepared to take part in a dispute resolution procedure before the following consumer arbitration board: General consumer arbitration board of the Center for Arbitrations e.V. Straßburger Str. 8, 77694 Kehl

A 1.2 Regulations for swimming in the swimming pool

§7 General rules of conduct

(1) The user is responsible for locking the locker/safety box and storing the key.

(2) Staying in the swimming area of the Paracelsus Therme is only permitted in normal swimwear without pockets.

(3) Jumping in from the side, pushing or throwing other people into the pools is prohibited, as is athletic swimming or diving in the exercise pools.

(4) The water attractions offered require caution and consideration for other users. During the gymnastics or aqua fitness, if capacity allows, swimming may only be done in the rear area so that the participants are not prevented from doing the gymnastics.

(5) The use of sports and play equipment is not permitted. Swimming aids are only permitted with the consent of the supervisory staff. The use of eye protection goggles (swimming goggles) is at your own risk.

(6) Loungers may only be used with a bathrobe or with a dry, body-sized surface.

(7) The restaurant may only be visited with a bathrobe or a dry bath towel that covers the body.

(8) For hygienic reasons, seat pads/seat cloths should be used in steam and warm air rooms made of ceramic or plastic. The seats should be cleaned using existing water hoses.

(9) You must shower before using the sweat rooms and exercise pools.

A 1.3 Regulations for bathing in the sauna

§8 Purpose and use of the sauna facility

(1) The sauna facility serves to promote the health and relaxation of the users. There are recommendations for this from the German Sauna Association. v.

(2) The sauna facility is a textile-free area. Special regulations apply in certain areas (e.g. relaxation rooms, restaurants).

(3) Sexual acts and representations are prohibited.

§9 Behavior in the sauna facility

(1) The use of the sweat rooms is only permitted without clothing.

(2) Loungers may only be used with a bathrobe or with a dry, body-sized surface.

(3) The restaurant may only be visited with a bathrobe or a dry bath towel that covers the body.

(4) Sauna and warm air rooms with wooden benches may only be used with a sufficiently large towel that corresponds to your body size. The wooden parts must not be contaminated by sweat.

(5) For hygienic reasons, seat pads/seat cloths should be used in steam and warm air rooms made of ceramic or plastic. The seats should be cleaned using existing water hoses.

(6) Technical installations (e.g. radiators, lighting fixtures, sauna heaters including their protective grilles and measuring sensors) may not be covered with objects.

(7) Only one towel/seat pad should be taken into sweat rooms.

(8) Bathing shoes may not be worn in saunas and warm air rooms.

(9) For reasons of mutual consideration, loud conversations, sweat scraping, brushing, or scratching are not permitted in sweat rooms. Skin rubs/peelings with products you have brought with you such as salt, honey, etc. are not permitted.

(10) You must shower before using the sweat rooms, the cold water plunge pool or other bathing pools.

(11) In quiet rooms, users must behave considerately and calmly. Noises should be avoided in quiet/complete quiet rooms.

(12) There is an absolute ban on smartphones in the sauna facility, and it is also forbidden to make phone calls, take photos or film. Electronic media that can be used to take photos and/or film (e.g. smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, etc.) may only be taken and used in designated areas. The camera must then be covered with a sticker by the staff.

§10 Special information

(1) People with health problems should clarify whether there are any particular risks to them when taking a sauna bath.

(2) Traditionally, there are special conditions in saunas and other sweating rooms, such as: B. higher room temperatures, dim lighting, step benches and different heat sources. These require particular caution from the user.

(3) Sauna infusions may only be carried out by staff.

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