Bathing and sauna arrangement of the Paracelsus Therme Bad Liebenzell with sauna landscape Pinea

This bath and sauna order is binding for all visitors. Each guest must be in possession of a valid Chipcoin for the relevant area (bath or sauna) during his stay. As soon as the visitor has passed the turnstile at the respective entrance, he submits to the regulations of the bath and sauna regulations.

The visitor can store his clothes for free in lockable clothes lockers. Valuables should be included in the appropriate compartments. The key of the valuables or coat closet is to be worn during the entire stay on the body. He is not stuck in bath bags or bathrobes.

The operator is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty committed by him or his legal representative or vicarious agent. This limitation of liability for intent or gross negligence does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health and for breach of essential contractual obligations. Obligations essential to the contract, which serve the content, nature and purpose of the achievement of the objective of the contract, as well as those on the performance of which the contracting party may rely, because they enable the proper execution of the contract in the first place.

If the coin is lost, an administrative fee of at least € 10.00 will be charged. If the coin is found, the guest will receive this amount less a processing fee.

The Paracelsus Spa is a spa. Therefore, the peace and order and special requirements. Each visitor must always behave in such a way that an orderly bathing operation is not impaired and other bathing and sauna guests are not bothered or disturbed.

There is no smoking in all rooms of the Paracelsus-Therme and Sauna Pinea as well as in the outdoor areas. Fire alarms are installed in all areas, which trigger an alarm and a fire service if smoke develops. Infringements of the smoking ban, the polluter has to bear the cost of use. There is a ban on mobile phones, cameras and video equipment throughout the Paracelsus Spa. For reasons of hygiene, brought food and drinks must not be consumed in the bathing or sauna area. It is not allowed to bring and use containers made of glass or other fragile objects.

Children between the ages of 5 and 16 are only allowed to visit the spa and the sauna when accompanied by an adult. The escorts must supervise the children throughout their stay. Children under the age of 5 are only allowed to use the spa to claim the exercise therapy on medical prescription. The supervisory staff ensures the maintenance of safety, peace, order and compliance with the bathing and sauna regulations.

Every bathing or sauna guest has to follow the justified orders of the supervisory staff. Visitors who endanger the safety and order, harass other guests or violate despite warnings against provisions of the bathing and sauna regulations, may be expelled from the facility.

Visitors are requested, also in the interest of the other guests, to exercise the greatest possible cleanliness and hygiene. Before bathing, even before sauna bathing, it is essential to take a shower without a bathing suit. Pedicure, manicure and hair cutting, shaving and the like are not permitted in the bathing, sauna, shower and changing

The sun loungers in all areas of the spa and the sauna are provided for all visitors. Reserving the chairs (for example by putting on a bath towel) is not permitted for equality reasons. From a certain capacity onwards, our employees are instructed to clear beds occupied by objects. All seating, lying and resting areas may only be used with a dry bath towel and / or bathrobe. The baths may only be entered or left via the pool entrances. It is not allowed to climb or jump sideways into the pools, to swim or dive in the pools and to run in the bathing hall.

During the performance of the gymnastics, or aqua-fitness may only be swimmed in the back area, so that the participants are not hindered in the gymnastics. The steam baths should be entered with bathing shoes, there is a towel for hygienic reasons. When using the sauna, a body-sized sauna towel is to be placed under, so that no sweat on the sauna benches can get. It is essential to take a shower before using the pool or outdoor pool.

The sauna is a textile-free area. The use of the sauna cabins is permitted only unclothed. If necessary, the sauna cabins can only be ventilated by the staff. Infusions on the stove may only be made by employees of the spa.

The end of the bath is 15 minutes before the end of the operation. Please note that you will end your stay on time so that you have passed the turnstile punctually to the end of the operation. If the opening and stay times are exceeded, an additional fee will be charged at the amount shown.